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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a legit website or a scam?

It’s funny how often we get asked this question. We are a legitimate website offering amazing skincare education for a price that anyone can afford. Arlene has been teaching esthetics for 30 years and wanted to make skincare training available to everyone.

Is this website only for licensed estheticians?

NO! We created this website with all levels of education in mind. For individuals thinking about the industry, students wanting extra help to pass their state boards, estheticians and cosmetologists that want to increase their SkinIQ and confidence and the medical community that is diving into the world of skincare. Everyone can benefit!

Do you offer basic training or just advanced?

We offer all levels of skincare training. From the person just thinking about the industry, students already enrolled and estheticians and cosmetologists that have years of experience. Everyone can benefit!

How do I become a member?

When you click the Sign-Up button, you will be taken to a page where you will decide which membership you wish to sign up for: Monthly Membership for $24.00 or a Yearly Membership where you save 2 full months per year for $240.00.

This will take you to the next page, where you will be setting up you new membership. It will ask you for your

  • E-Mail Address
  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • How you heard about us
  • Password

Click the Terms & Conditions box and hit continue

The next page will be your payment information.

If you have a promo code, you will be able to use it on this page. The box says “coupon or gift card” on the right side of the page. Hit the blue box that says “apply”. Your coupon will immediately be deducted from the total amount.

YAY! You are now a member and can begin increasing your Skin IQ immediately

What is the Cost?

You can watch 1 video and pay only $12.99. You can sign up for a monthly membership and pay only $24 per month for all access. You can save 2 full months by signing up for a yearly membership for only $240 for the year.

Can I access the video library anytime?

Yes, we are like Netflix for Skincare! You can access the video library 24 hour a day, 7 days a week.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes, you can go into your dashboard settings and cancel your membership anytime with no penalty.

How do I cancel my membership?

You log into your account and go to your dashboard. You can cancel your membership at anytime.

Where can I find my account settings and billing information?

Log into your account and go to your dashboard. You can make any changes to your account there.

How do I reset my passcode?

Htts:// . When you go to the SignIn, enter your email address and hit “forgot password”. You can also email us and we will assist you:

Once I sign up, how do I get started?

Click on the Categories tab and start watching! It’s that easy!

Where do I find the PDFs to print off for my business?

Under each video, there is a resource tab. Click the resource tab and any PDFs that pertain to that subject will be there. You can print them off or save them for your own forms library.

When I Sign up, will I have access to all of the videos?

Yes! We are like Netflix for skincare. Once you sign up for a monthly or yearly membership, you have access to all videos and PDF forms.

Are there any free courses?

We have some introductory, free videos on our Youtube Channel:

Professional Skincare Training - YouTube (I hope this is our link.. Jesse, could you make sure this is the link that goes to our Youtube channel?)

What courses do you have?

You can go to the categories tab and see our entire library.

What if there is a subject that I want to learn but don’t see it in your library?

All members have input into our next launch. If you are a member and don’t see a subject in our library, you can email us at: and request it. We prioritize your request.

Will these courses give me a state esthetician license?

No, we are not a state licensing facility. We offer continuing education courses only.

Can I review a video before I decide to sign up?

Yes, under each video you will see a “watch trailer” tab. You can review the trailer before you decide to purchase.

Do you offer Certified Continuing Education?

Yes! We are certified through NCEA for up to 13 continuing education credits. You will find these courses the Categories tab and you will see them listed under the “COA Approved Continuing Education” category.

Will I get a certificate upon completion?

Yes, once you have completed each video 100%, you can contact us at We will confirm the completion of each video in it’s entirety and email you a certificate of completion.

Does each video get a certificate?

No, only the video collections under the category “COA Approved Continuing Education”

Are there any classes held in person?

Not currently.

Can I schedule a consultation with Arlene?

If you are a currently member, you can schedule a one hour consultation with Arlene. She will help with your business, education, increase your retail sales… anything you need!